Every year, we strive to bring you talented and knowledgeable workshop leaders – for fun and healthy living! Check out what we’re offering this year!

Live painting Shivengri

She will be painting live art pieces on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Pieces will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to One Arrow First Nation.

Anti Racism and Cultural Performance

“dance, singing and activitiy”

Round Dance

Expect the history of where the Round Dance originated from and how the Round Dance is used today. Facilitator will give each participant the information typed out and gifted to to each person attending (this empowers people to be culturally sensitive to this beautiful Round Dance). The experiential learning comes in with all doing the Round Dance holding hands and keeping the Circle strong.

Hip Hop / Bhangra / Latin Dance

Description: teaching people how to dance to hip hop / bhangra / latin music


Description: A showcase performance followed by teaching various styles in popping like waving, boogaloo, scarecrow, toyman, tuts, etc

Snakeman Dance

Description: Join the Artist Formerly Known as Snakeman as he covers the foundations of animation, popping, breakin’, and those hip hop party dances.

EmDee Aimation

Description:Join EmDee, freestyle animation dancer, and learn a bit of the technical side of the animation dance.

Classical Indian Dance Workshp

Dance performance, followed by an introduction to this 3000 year old dance that encompasses tantric yoga, dance acting. We will learn hand gestures, basic footwork, philosophy and dance storytelling through haikus and music! This is basic level and everyone is welcome!

Saluting the Sun

Description: All levels Sun Salutation Workshop with breathing, chanting, and movement.

Brunch Potluck

Bring some breakfast food and cook it with us! We share, you share, we all eat, it’s great.