Tarps and Cables

Big shout out to the mass of cables that photobombed almost every stage shot from last year’s event. Oh, and the tarps that kept those cables dry in all that rain. Last year, we met with council members from One Arrow First Nation the first week of May, and we kept those cables so dry. Seriously though, we had an amazing event last year, shout out to everyone who made it such a special and magical time.

This year, Yrechadelik helped to supply some 50 yards of Lycra for bright decoration and we’ve got TR from the Moon Mansion in charge of set and setting. We have the mighty Doktor Isocellator with the stage show alongside Carrie Gates. We’ve got three plus nights of amazing music, days of family friendly vibes, all under the finely tuned ears of Dr. Das, and even a real life parent leading the kid’s area and helping us to become more family friendly!

We are so excited for this year’s festival! Errmahgerd! Join us June 21-24 at One Arrow First Nation’s Rodeo Grounds.

Tickets at www.solsask.com/tickets – Currently $85 – no camping fees, no vehicle fees. That’s it. All weekend.