Reconciliation Is An Ongoing Process

Time heals all wounds. That is… as long as part of that time is spent in honest reflection. When will we heal from that which has hurt us? Why do the most painful memories always last the longest? How do we recover from the shortcomings of our past and look towards the future?

There have been many attempts to understand and explain our true nature as people. Our collective history contains numerous variations on a theme. Some grew into mechanisms of control, manipulation, and propaganda, while others aimed to liberate, enlighten, and grow. And herein lies the true beauty of the awakened mind…the tendency to improve through the errors of previous ways.

This remarkable ability to self-correct is not unique to carbon-based life forms however – they are the hallmark of the emergent intelligence of silicon based life forms too. A computer is able to perform feats of unimaginable scale and complexity simply because the instructions to catalog and interpret historical errors are hardwired into the code. Our progress as a people and as a community need not part ways from an expansive super-intelligence. We just need to remember the basics.

So let’s all take that first step towards a better and brighter tomorrow. Reflect on the principles of your innate resolve and draw your attention to the fact that together we can accomplish anything. Be the living proof that the human spirit is subject to variable change and is always poised to upgrade to version 2.0.