The Event


Solstice on the South Saskatchewan is all about spotlighting local SK talent and bringing in national artists


Teaching and learning are important parts of festival culture - in keeping with that tradition, we offer a wide range of workshops on dance, music, and other teachings.


Connect with your inner child, or bring your own children along for the fun. We are constantly expanding our child-friendly nature.

What's different about Solstice on the South Saskatchewan?

The mission behind the Solstice Festival is to provide a space where indigenous and non-indigenous people can get together, learn from one another, and where we can share what we love about our respective cultures with one another.

It is a place and a time where people can learn new skills, develop meaningful roles in their communities, and where we can enjoy music, art, dance, workshops, and one another's company within the relative freedom of our beloved festival culture.

Our goals are to feature local artists alongside nationally recognized ones, to bring together people who might not otherwise speak, dance, or learn from one another - all in the hopes of repairing some of the damage that's been done in our recent history.

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Next Steps...

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