We live in a big clock, and on the longest day of the year, every year, we get together. It has been this way for a very, very long time. Many cultures, many places, and many times. The vastness of the night sky is our witness.

On a plateau above a bend in the South Saskatchewan River, at the crossing of the legendary Gabriel Dumont, and the current home of the One Arrow First Nation, this festival features true Plains’ flavour at it’s finest.

We believe that when we get together, it breaks down barriers to working together to create lives and communities that are healthy and balanced. We believe in forgiveness, and that dancing is the medicine of the heart.

Tickets Available Now!

Tier 1 (On Sale Now!) – $90
Tier 2 (May 26th) – $120
Gate – $150

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We still have just a few volunteer spots left, so if volunteering is more your jam, hit up www.solsask.com/apply-now to earn your ticket to the festival.

Solstice on the South Saskatchewan is a Music, Art, and Culture festival which runs from Friday June 21st to Sunday June 23rd, 2019 at the

One Arrow First Nation Rodeo Grounds

We feature local, Saskatchewan talent alongside National and International acts to bring people together in the hopes of restoring and maintaining positive relations in a time where this is critical, in a place made famous by Gabriel Dumont, a man who did just that.