Touch with integrity

A workshop on the power of positive touch and consent-based communication.

We begin to discover and reprogram our socio-culturally constructed perceptions of touch by practising self-awareness and consent-based communication in a safe, supported space.


Leading people into chant, dance and explain some of the mantras and what purpose they serve. Work on pronunciation and significance of Sanskrit and Pali prayers.



Men's circle

Men meet to freely express their innermost thoughts. Thoughts that are geared towards our emotions, fears, desires, dreams and doubts. An open discussion on what it feels like to be a man, sharing our views towards masculinity. Building bonds through collaboration. Degree of difficulty? Sliding scale. Materials? Open minds.

Sun Yoga

Yoga workshop on how to do sun salutations (surya namaskar) which includes brief history and modern use, movement patterns, linking with breath, and practicing on your own. All levels welcome. Need to bring a mat, a blanket, or have a nice patch of grass.


Gentle yoga class

1 hour each, gentle practices. Requires large open space with even and covered ground (grass/carpets/mats, whatever we can access easiest)




Snakeman's Hip Hop Dance

Bboy of some repute and an incurable dance addict. Sharing some party dance and breakin moves with Dr. J's family dance party. A progressive class, moving from any skill level towards more demanding and techincal moves.

Nathan Babcock

Former camp master Nathan leads a sing-a-long extravaganza in repeat-after-me format.


Drug Awareness

Brandon Brown holds a Bachelor's in psychology, has been working with people with addictions for years, tried just about every drug he could get his hands on, and is a psychedelic medicine researcher and advocate. Discussion, stories, and being safe with your neurochemistry. Also, Questions.

Michael Simon

Offering a blend of story-telling with music and dance, singalong music to encourage all age participation and movement. Will provide some percussion instruments for people of all ages to try. I have years of performing & music teaching experience 🙂


Pulse Ecstatic Dance

We will move and breathe together to the funky beats and through the sweet joy of dance, we will free up pent-up emotions and heal our bodies. Practical tools like grounding and releasing pent-up emotions will help participants rock out all weekend long, and the benefits of surrendering to the dance will last a lifetime.

Bad Boy Poetry

Bring a paper and a pen





Acro Yoga

Beginners can expect to be given the starting tools they need, while more experienced practitioners will find new functional and creative challenges in transitions they may already be familiar with.



Tao of boom

How you do anything is how you do everything. This workshop will offer both practical and philosophical insights into overcoming the blocks faced by aspiring artists of all levels (with a focus on music production). These same techniques can then be applied to bring more authenticity, connection, and happiness to our daily lives.