June 21-24, 2018 at the One Arrow F.N. Rodeo Grounds near Rosthern, SK.

Volunteer and Vendor Applications are Still Open, Folks!

But, who are we?

We are a not for profit foundation in Saskatoon who, in partnership with One Arrow First Nation, produce a music, art, and culture festival on the One Arrow First Nation rodeo grounds located just north of Saskatoon. Our core goal is to improve relations between the First Nations and non-indigenous people through sharing of culture, music, dance, conversation, and shared purpose. We also aim to reduce the foothold that addictive substances have in all communities through fostering healthy lifestyle choices and human connection. The festival features local talent from central and northern Saskatchewan as well as national artists. The festival features a marketplace, workshops, and we’re working on becoming more child and eco-friendly, meaning we want to consume less garbage and upcycle as much decoration and construction materials as possible.


What is Solstice on the South Saskatchewan?

A music, art and culture festival! Lots of dancing, hanging with friends, more dancing, workshops, and all that. The festival has a harm reduction and healthy lifestyles focus with drug education, testing, and healthy living workshops which include yoga, breath-work, overcoming blocks in creative expression, poetry, drug information, and dance – all while enjoying a music festival’s rich social structure and opportunities for real fun.

We aim at creating an opportunity for people to get together who otherwise may never meet one another, and to get together with the intention of fostering healthy relations and building a community we can all be proud of. This festival offers the opportunity for Saskatchewan artists to perform and display their art and connect with other artists, as well as have a hand in co-creating a meaningful project with other like-minded people. Our festival creates inclusive communities by being one – an inclusive community which also happens to throw a music festival. Dancing under the sun, in celebration of diversity, creation, and the creator is a solid foundation for a meaningful, inclusive, healthy community.

What have we changed since last year?

Last year we had SIX WEEKS to build a festival, and we did it! This year, we are focusing on a child’s play area including a sandbox and playground, we are improving the stage, making it safer and more protected from the weather as well as much nicer looking, we have added another day, and we have improved our organizations digital collaborative abilities by incorporating programs like slack, google calendar, and automation and integration in order to streamline everything from applications to schedule to ticket sales. Also more sound 😉